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A home and personal possessions policy for those with higher values of jewellery

A flexible policy at reduced rates of premium for security minded clients who safeguard jewellery and valuables and have them regularly checked and kept in good repair.

Our knowledge of the jewellery business means that we can appreciate and understand the problems encountered when insuring expensive pieces of jewellery and valuables. When the unfortunate happens we can advise and direct you how best to replace your valuables.

What is covered?

  • Buildings
    Buildings and outbuildings and other permanent site features including accidental damage of fixed glass, sanitary ware and underground services.
  • Contents
    Home contents, including business equipment for those who work from home. Accidental breakage of mirrors and glass and furniture, lock replacement if keys are stolen, and including: - Valuables in the home up to 33.3% of the sum insured and £1,000 any one item; Personal money up to £300; Personal belongings of staff, guests or business visitors.
  • Personal Possessions
    Loss or damage to personal effects and valuables away from your home anywhere in the UK or temporarily abroad for up to 60 days in any one year. Cover for specified or miscellaneous valuables, photographic or sports equipment, pedal cycles or portable business equipment if applicable.
  • Money
    Accidental loss of personal money or fraudulent misuse of lost or stolen credit cards within UK or temporarily abroad for up to 60 days in any one year, - normal maximum £500 but the limits can be varied.
  • Deep Freeze Contents
    Cover against deterioration of frozen food following breakdown of or external damage to any deep freezer in your home which under 10 years old, following breakdown, or damage or accidental failure of the public power supply for up to a sum insured of £500.
  • Legal Liabilities
    Domestic legal liability to others for bodily injury or damage automatically included when cover is effected under section 1 buildings or section 2 contents.
  • Legal Expenses and 24 Hours Helpline
    Financial support to protect yourself and stand up for your legal rights, without fear of overstretching your resources.

Whilst basic standards of security are mandatory, clients able to demonstrate additional security measures will be offered discounts on their premiums.

Jewellery Valuations

  • Regular valuations provide up to date information to assist in recovery of stolen or lost items.
  • Items worth more than £1,000.00 must be assessed and valued every three years. At the time of valuation, such items should be checked to ensure that they are in good repair, and that all clasps, fastenings and straps are in good order.

There are also benefits to those working in the jewellery business

  • Unlike some insurance companies, the insurers accept the unique nature of your business, such as the risks involved in taking stock home.
  • Jewellery and similar items can be valued at trade prices, which result in lower premiums.

Development of GJIS Home Policy came about due to the problems experienced by many jewellery trade people when they take substantial amounts of stock home, perhaps a sample range or even customer goods for valuation. A home insurer regards this additional exposure as a material circumstance that must be disclosed when insuring a home and contents. Non disclosure of material information such as this could result in a claim not being paid.

Complete the Home Insurance application form now and send it to insurance@gjis.co.uk

The information on this page represents a summary of the major benefits of the policy offered by GJIS Ltd. Refer to the home insurance policy for all the terms, conditions and exclusions of the standard policy.


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