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General Security Procedures

  • When opening or closing the premises follow the agreed procedure using at least two people whenever possible.
  • When opening or closing do not admit anybody until ready to commence trading - unless you know them.
  • Keep stock out of public reach by locking counters, displays and window enclosure doors.
  • Never allow customers to view more than one item at any time.
  • Never display a pad or roll, etc as one item across counters.
  • Never leave customers alone with stock.
  • Never leave shops unattended - always make sure that staff cover is sufficient.
  • Avoid working alone on the premises. If extra hours are necessary co-ordinate hours of work with colleagues so you are never alone.
  • Change or dress window displays only when the shop is closed.
  • Use panic buttons when under attack - or even if in doubt - better safe than sorry.
  • Remove all keys to safes and lock keys to display units inside a safe at night.
  • Vary the times of visits to the Bank, Assay Office etc, and when carrying large sums of cash, ensure that you are accompanied.
  • Do not leave stock or cash unattended in motor vehicles.
  • If you have to take stock home do not leave it unattended unless secured inside a safe.

Whenever deliveries are made to the premises, check the quantities and weights carefully. Note any discrepancies on the documentation before you sign it and report the matter accordingly.
Keep safes closed as much as possible during the course of trading.

Always be on the lookout for:

  • Snatches
  • Diversions - watch for thieves working in pairs or bigger teams as 'confusion' can often be a creative ruse
  • Theft by trick, substitution, or sleight of hand
  • Bogus delivery men, tradesmen, sales representatives, etc
  • Anybody suspicious - especially when you are opening or closing

Opening and closing procedures

When securing premises, strict opening and closing procedures should be adopted whenever possible.
As a general rule, it is a task that should not be undertaken alone. It is far better for two responsible, alert colleagues to carry out the procedure acting in tandem.
One person, with the keys to any safe or strongroom etc, should wait outside while a colleague enters the premises.

The person inside should then undertake a thorough search of the premises. (Criminals often effect entry overnight and secrete themselves on the premises to await the arrival in the morning of staff carrying keys to safes).
When the search is complete, a suitable visual signal, agreed in advance, then alerts the waiting colleague outside that everything is in order - or alternatively that the alarm should immediately be raised!
A similar procedure should apply when securing the premises at the close of business. One person leaves with the safe/strongroom keys and only when a suitable distance away gives a pre-arranged signal to a waiting colleague that everything is in order. The waiting colleague then secures the premises on leaving.

Opening and Closing Procedures


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