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What is covered?

Complicated laws surround businesses! Make a mistake over, say; the dismissal of an employee and it could cost you thousands. When you take out a Jewellers' Block policy cover, The Standard Cover stated below will be included in respect of all UK risks.

This is a summary of cover. The complete policy wording applicable to United Kingdom risks is available on the Policy Wording page of the GJIS Web Site. The cover, terms and conditions will vary for policyholders domiciled elsewhere. Application will have to be made to GJIS Ltd for alternative wordings

The Standard Cover

Defending your legal rights in respect of:
Employment Disputes and Compensation Awards

  • Proceedings in a court or tribunal following dismissal of an employee
  • Any dispute with an employee or ex-employee or a trade union acting on their behalf relating to their contract of employment
  • A dispute with an employee, prospective employee or ex-employee arising from an alleged breach of their statutory rights under employment legislation.
Legal Defence in respect of criminal and civil actions in connection with
  • Criminal offence in connection with your business activities
  • Data Protection Act 1998
  • Wrongful arrest
  • Racial or sexual discrimination
  • Pension fund trustees
  • Statutory Notices

Cover includes the attendance expenses of your employees for jury service.

Statutory Licence Protection

Appeals following the suspension, alteration, refusal to renew or cancellation of a statutory license or British Standard Certificate of Registration. Property Protection and Bodily Injury

  • Physical damage, nuisance or trespass.
  • Employees' legal rights in event of death or injury in a non motor accident caused by their work

Tax Protection

  • Inland Revenue Investigations, Full Enquiries or Aspect Enquiries
  • Employer's Compliance - PAYE and Social Security Contributions Agency
  • VAT Disputes

Territorial Limits

United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Ireland Indemnity Limits
£100,000 for any one incident and £1,000,000 in any one year in respect of compensation awards.
NB: Inner limits apply to certain sections e.g. Tax. Helpline Services

24 hour, 7 days a week EuroLaw Commercial Legal Advice, Tax Advice, Business Assistance and Counselling Helplines provided.

Standard Limit of Indemnity £100,000 per incident (other limits may be available on request).

Optional Covers

Optional covers are available for:

  • Contract Disputes Cover
  • Debt Recovery

Cover can also be arranged for other forms of special risks such as Directors and Officers liability Patents and Copyright.


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