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13/08/2015   Raid Awareness Training

GJIS Ltd staff recently attended a ‘taster’ Raid Awareness course provided by Elite Protection Training Academy to assess its value to our clients. Training is offered to companies in the high value jewellery, gift and gallery sectors and enables personnel to be prepared in the event of a raid. We were impressed by the course content and delivery and agree that having received Raid Awareness training, staff will better equipped to manage the trauma of an attack and make more effective use of the security measures in place to limit injury, damage and loss.

The Elite Protection Training Academy delivers the UK’s first and only accredited and certified RAID Awareness course. They offer tailor-made scenario based training in order that organisations that stock high value articles can prepare their staff should the worse happen and they are targeted by thieves.


The Raid Awareness scenario based training can be conducted as a 3-4 hour course on site at your premises or a more intensive 1 day course held at the fully equipped Elite Training Academy in the London Borough of Barnet.


Raid Awareness training enables participants to:


·       Understand and experience different types of raids in live participation scenarios.

·       Increase their raid and security awareness in the workplace.

·       Be able to implement contingency plans in crisis management.

·       Develop and plan crisis contingency protocols, standardising a process of drills in order to unify a tactic in dealing with every type of attack.

·       Deal with and perform duties such as alarm or smoke activation in volatile situations.

·       Consider offenders tactics, their behaviour and their expectations. Understand the mechanics and thought processes of individuals that commit crime, reduce crime by understanding tactics and components common to levels of Robbery crime.

·       Targets harden a premises by changing the discipline of employees to heighten their personal awareness in relation to security.

·       Eliminate factors that influence and promote robbery i.e. tactics of a potential perpetrator(s). Encourage, promote and maximise situational awareness in relation to security

·       Exponentially develop staff and to lessen the impact of threat to employers and or employees and to candidates overall business. Eliminate the fear of the unknown and to psychologically prepare for a worst case scenario. Desensitize and lessen the psychological impact of a robbery to victims.

·       Provide efficient training as a duty of care to employees.

·       Successfully manage and overcome crisis or potential crisis.


The Elite Training Academy is an IQ (Industry Qualifications) accredited centre of excellence. IQ is a regulated awarding organisation founded on mutual principles; a focus on quality, transparency and a new approach to the delivery of qualifications.


Courses can also be complemented by Emergency First Aid at Work.


To watch a video of the intensive Raid Awareness training provided by Elite Training Academy please follow this link: https://www.eliteprotectionltd.co.uk/raid-training

We have also added the Raid Awareness Training brochure to our website for you to review here


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